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What We Do

Some of our products & services include:

McCorvey Industrial Fabrication stocks all type of materials including: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (304/316), Aluminum, Galvanized (26-10 Gauge), and Copper.

McCorvey Industrial Fabrication specializes in:

Structural Rolling
Angle rolling, beam rolling, channel rolling, pipe rolling, square tube rolling, round tube rolling, flat bar rolling, square bar rolling, tee rolling, plate rolling, and sheet metal rolling.


Custom Metal Fabrication
McCorvey Industrial Fabrication can fabricate anything dreamed up, but some typical examples are: Plenums, Hoppers, Cyclones, and Forms.

Press Braking
We have 8 press brakes and we are able to break ¼” x 10’ steel plate.

With 12 welding stations we can Mig Weld, Tig Weld, Spot Weld, and Seam Weld.

plasmaPlasma Cutting
We have 7 plasma machines that can cut 6’ x 20’ up to 1-½ “thick.

Abrasive Cut-off Saw Cutting
Call or Email McCorvey Industrial Fabrication for any Cutting needs you might have.

Creative Custom Metal
Creative Projects are not an everyday task, but we have people come in with their own designs. We have the craftsmanship and skilled workers to produce most any idea. We have several of our own designs decorating the walls of our offices.

custom wall decoration

McCorvey Industrial Fabrication has 18 AutoCAD engineers that can design anything you need in 2D or 3D AutoCAD.

Our Guarantee
We pride ourselves on having the best quality product in the market today along with the ability to keep up with our changing business environment. Quality control practices are implemented throughout our plant to ensure every job is complete and accurate.


We value every customer and any request so let McCorvey Industrial Fabrication help you today!

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